Digital Artefact – Titanic


My Digital Artefact is an interactive website on the experience of the titanic.  I chose this particular website because I found it easy to navigate around and was very straight forward. I was surprised how many site there were to choose from – the more obvious one would of been the Titanic experience in Belfast but there was a lot going on in that website and I found that off putting.

This site is french made so has options of different languages.  I really liked the navigation, you can move around on deck, and then at points on the floor, you can click them and see where they correspond on the actual map of the ship.  At any time you can switch between being on deck and the ships layout map, to get your barings.

I loved the background music and found it quite eery.  The sound of waves could be constantly heard as you moved around the ship.  But it did play with your senses, including your bladder after a while !  The ship maps were easy to follow and understand and gave you a good sense of being on the ship and what could be seen.

The biggest fault of this website was that some of the features could only be opened on an IOS operating system.  So that left you limited if you were using android.  But in all I enjoyed this site it gave you lovely blueprints of the ship.  It gave you all the information you needed without all the  heartache of its sad demise.  Overall a good site that does what it says.



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