Introduction ….mammy’s gone to….iceland !

So what happens when mammy goes back to college !  All hell breaks loose that’s what!  “What d’ya means she’s not here” !  “ Where is she”?  “But what is mammy doing” ?

Mammy’s mind is being blown by the new technologies and new ways of doing things that are the norm for a lot of people but all new to mammy.  Never before had I realised that technology could not only be your friend but it could make your life that little bit easier.

Never before had I realised that I should really know these things and there is no excuse in this day and age.  You can make lists, you can buy shopping, you can set reminders to remind you about the reminders!  It’s incredible what can be achieved by sitting at a computer and what can be accomplished, scary if you think about it, even scarier to be left alone long enough to actually sit at a computer!

Your world has just become that little bit bigger – a lot bigger !  Its over whelming the scale of it and how it brings the rest of the world to your front door.  Not only can you access an awful lot of stuff you can also access lots of awful stuff!!

Some of us are not ready for the endless possibilities this opportunity provides, some of us will never be ready but we have to embrace it.  We must meet the next generation half way and if we don’t like it we must learn how to use it properly and harness it.

And when everyone gives out because they can’t find their gym gear or football boots I can just tell them to google it ! I tell them how I’m doing this for the good of the family and we will all reap the benefits of it in the long run.  I ll still be able to help with homework only it will all be computerised and you won’t need school books pretty soon.

The amount of information available out there is immense all you need is to know where to look and the tools to find it.  The computer age can enhance your world in so many ways, ways you never thought possible.  The ‘digital’ computer age is even a step further  as it makes you realise that pretty soon no notion will be out of reach and things you read about in the science fiction books are actually happening.

It might never be your friend but you can’t make it your enemy.


My first introduction to digital tools AND my own ‘website’ !

Next step world domination…..just bear with me !

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