Jerome Mc Cann – Current State of Humanities Scholarship

Mc Cann talks about how it is impossible for the youth of today to further their studies in Humanities.  They cannot find the Scholarships and find it even harder to get material published.  Waring traditional educators are missing the point that there is an unsatible demands for scholars who are digitisers.  It is the way forward and rubbishing the idea will do no justice to any scholarly role.

At a meeting of ‘Critical Inquiry’  no one knew what TEI was according to McCann.  No one seems to be developing the digital scholarly tools or taking the matter seriously enough.  These tools are transforming the way scholarly research is carried out.  But as McCann says ‘Who is carrying out this work, who will do it ? , who should do it?  We need young people well trained in textual transmission and the theory and parctise’.

Digital tools are taking over and they have to be embraced.  There are scholars who are trying to design interfaces for digital tools that will allow all of us to understand and make them digestable for human consumption.  In this day and age you can search for limitless possiblities on the internet and we have to learn to harness that and become part of the new worls!  Young scholars have to be given a chance to bring this technology into the mainstream and improve the world for all of us.

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